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Life as an Intern

Why do interns at Concepts love what they do?

Read about their experiences first-hand.


Yean Do

“My internship at Concepts was an invaluable learning experience in multitasking, communication and professionalism. From day one, I was assigned a number of important responsibilities in support of projects central to the aims of our clients. And because the tasks required independent research and creativity, I had a personal stake in the work that I did, which made the internship rewarding and fun. As a result of the experiences I’ve had here, I have become a more confident communicator, stronger writer and friend to the great people who make up the Concepts team.” – Yean Do, Summer 2013  






Cheryl Lyons

“At Concepts, the intern is an integrated part of the communications team. I had the responsibility of managing my own projects in a timely manner. Throughout my internship experience, I gained a variety of communications skills by completing long and short-term assignments for outreach campaigns on behalf of federal government clientele.

There is no standard week at Concepts – there are always new projects to take on. Some major responsibilities I had as an intern included writing content for multiple social media platforms, editing blog posts and the newsletter, and attending team meetings. You will never be assigned a task without help or guidance. Even building database lists for statewide outreach, which is not a quick or fun task, is an important part of the job, and every team member participates. I highly recommend this internship to individuals who are interested in using strategic communications to support social causes, because having dedication and passion for your client’s mission is necessary to produce results.” – Cheryl Lyons, Spring 2013