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Kings Floyd

Head shot of Kings Floyd smiling and facing the camera

Experience: 4+ years

Education: B.A. in English Writing with concentrations in Language, Education and Disability Studies

Kings Floyd is a disability rights activist, access coordinator and writer based in Washington, DC. A lifelong advocate and public speaker, she works to combine her unwavering passion for disability rights, healthcare and mental health and wellness with intersectional communities.

Through her experience at The National Council on Independent Living and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Kings has focused on engaging younger generations of workers with disabilities to empower their lives. In her work for Concepts, Kings supports the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN) which offers resources and trainings for employers regarding best policies and practices for disability employment and inclusion. She also supports the Clear2Connect Coalition, an initiative dedicated to preserving the right for Americans with hearing loss to access the technology they need to communicate using a phone.

Kings’ writing has been published in outlets including Vox, Medium and The Portland Press Herald, and she has served as a source for outlets including TIME and ABC 7 News.

Kings graduated with honors from High Point University in 2016, with a Bachelors in English Writing and concentrations on Language, Education and Disability Studies. Contracting projects include coordinating accessibility on the Women’s March, the DC Pride March, and other civil rights demonstrations. Kings is also the co-chair of DC- Metro ADAPT.