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Our Work

elaws, Employer.gov & Worker.gov

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Project Tactics:

  • Project Management
  • Editorial Assistance
  • Media Relations
  • Message Development & Audience Analysis
  • Copywriting, Graphic Design & Materials Development
  • Website Design
  • Strategic Planning & Outreach Campaign Implementation
elaws, Employer.gov & Worker.gov images

Project Overview

Managed by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, the elaws (Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small Businesses) Advisors, Employer.gov and Worker.gov are a suite of compliance assistance resources created to assist the U.S. Department of Labor in carrying out its mission to promote the welfare of job seekers and workers and help job creators ensure they meet their responsibilities as employers.

The elaws Advisors are interactive tools that guide employers and workers through various employment law questions and scenarios. These Advisors simulate the interaction someone might have with an employment law expert, providing easy-to-understand information about the personal impact of some of the nation’s most widely applicable federal employment laws, including those related to pay and overtime, family and medical leave, health benefits, disability discrimination, workplace safety and health, youth employment and more.

Employer.gov and Worker.gov were created to supplement the elaws Advisors. The former providing information about the responsibilities of job creators toward their workers, while the latter addresses common workplace concerns regarding wages, workplace safety, equality, the right to organize with coworkers, and veteran and service member employment.

elaws, Employer.gov & Worker.gov images

Content Creation, Quality Assurance, Outreach and Promotion

Concepts has a long and rich history providing editorial and quality assurance services in support of the elaws initiative, dating back to its inception. In particular, the Concepts team assists DOL subject matter experts in writing and editing content, with a focus on the federal government’s stated goals regarding plain language. There are more than 35 Advisors in the elaws suite, several of which Concepts was instrumental in developing. Furthermore, Concepts has overseen three redesigns of the elaws website to reflect emerging standards in design and information architecture.

Concepts also led the content creation for Employer.gov and Worker.gov, conducting thorough research and synthesizing and categorizing information on federal labor laws by topic. Collaborating with the Labor Department and other federal agencies, Concepts developed each site’s content, as well as their look and feel.

Concepts also works closely with DOL’s technical team to ensure the ongoing functionality of Employer.gov, Worker.gov and elaws, conducting regular quality assurance reviews and adding new resources as they become available.

Previously, Concepts handled promotion for the elaws Advisors. As part of this, the firm developed collateral materials, such as press releases, news articles, fact sheets and promotional brochures, and implemented targeted outreach activities, including web linking strategies and Internet marketing, to drive traffic to the resources. It also promoted the elaws Advisors through targeted outreach to relevant trade and other business membership organizations.