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HBI (Home Builders Institute)

An instructor teaches students at HBI about wiring electricity.

Project Tactics:

  • Project Management
  • Message Development & Audience Analysis
  • Copywriting, Graphic Design & Materials Development
  • Video & Photography Production & Distribution
HBI (Home Builders Institute) images

Project Overview

HBI (formerly known as the Home Builders Institute) is the national leader for career training in the building industry. Through certification programs, mentoring, pre-apprenticeships and job placement services, HBI prepares students – including underserved populations, such as at-risk youth, veterans, ex-offenders and displaced workers – with the skills and experience they need for careers in the building industry. The organization’s training programs are national in scope but implemented locally, using proven models that are customized to meet the workforce needs of communities across the country.

An old version of the Home Builders Institute Logo

The Old HBI Logo

The new HBI Building Careers Logo

The New HBI Logo

HBI (Home Builders Institute) images

Brand Development and Logo Redesign

In 2012, HBI – under the leadership of a newly appointed president and CEO – engaged Concepts to develop a new outward facing identity for the organization, the goal being a brand that was more modern, dynamic and recognizable. In addition to designing a new logo, this process included the development of core messaging reflective of HBI’s current programs and priorities.

To ensure Concepts thoroughly understood HBI’s vision, our team conducted an intake meeting with HBI senior staff at their headquarters in Washington, D.C. Based on the information gathered, a conceptual logo design was created that was simple, yet accurately represented HBI and the building industry its organization serves. A new tagline was also developed to complement the logo and clearly convey HBI’s mission briefly in words. When the new logo and tagline were presented to HBI’s executive staff and Board of Directors, they were met with unanimous and enthusiastic approval.

Next steps included creating a series of collateral materials, such as a fact sheet, folder, business cards, presentation template, stationery and website skin, to ensure consistent branding throughout all HBI communications channels. Also, specific messaging was developed for different constituent groups that HBI serves, including federal government officials and policymakers, public agencies and associations, construction industry employers, educators/instructors, students and business community liaisons.

To further HBI’s effort to modernize its brand, the Concepts team successfully proposed and managed an original photography project that portrayed HBI students at one of its training facilities near Baltimore, Md. These photographs were then used by HBI instead of stock photography on the organization’s website and in printed outreach materials. In addition, student and instructor interviews were filmed by Concepts staff to gather sound bites on the benefits of HBI training programs to individuals’ careers and lives. These success stories are now being used in presentations and meetings with potential new donors and to educate other organizations about HBI training programs.